Events in 2005

December 15: Christmas Party featuring Readings by Sonja Harter and Walter Hölbling at Hotel Wiesler

December 3: Advent Walk "Graz und das Jubiläumsjahr 2005"

November 26: Advent Walk "Mit Kinderaugen durch Graz"

November 22: "Meeting of Parents and Students" at the AVL List Forum

September 23-24: Meeting of the Austro-American Societies in Graz

July 2: A Day of Baseball in Cooperation with the Dirty Sox Graz

June 7: "An Evening of Poetry with the Candlewoman"--Readings by Susan Castillo, Glasgow, at the Literaturcafé Graz

May 3: "Poetry across Borders"--Readings by Angus Reid (Ljubljana/Maribor/Edinburgh), Gabriele Pötscher (Graz/London), and Walter Wölbling (Graz/La Laguna) at the Literaturcafé Graz

April 26: "The Politics of Art in American History"--Lecture by Prof. Michael G. Kammen, Cornell University, at Hotel Wiesler

April 6: "A Marriage of Inconvenience: The State of the US-European Alliance"--Lecture by Prof. Christopher Coker, London School of Economics and Political Science, at Hotel Wiesler