Events in 2004

December 12: Christmas Party with Readings by Monika Wogrolly and Gabriele Pötscher y at Hotel Wiesler

December 4: Advent Walk "Advent, Advent"

November 27: Advent Walk "Graz for Kids

June 26: "Save our Sox"--A Day of Baseball in Support of the Dirty Sox in their Quest for a new Field

May 25: "Is American Studies Anti-American? And If Not, Why Not?"--Lecture by Prof. Paul Lauter at the Literaturcafé Graz

April 27: "Life/Work-Planning: Träume nicht dein Leben - Lebe deinen Traum!"--Lecture by Doris Carstensen, University of Graz, at Palais Lengheim

March 23: "The 2004 Presidential Election: Process, Personalities, and Prospects"--Lecture by Prof. Joseph A. Pika, University of Delaware, at the University of Graz

February 12: "Valentine's Day: Brücke zwischen Kulturen"--Poetry Evening in Cooperation with the Naturschutzbund Steiermark at the Meerscheinschlößl